Lecome Intellectual Property Agent Ltd. (Lecome), specializing in intellectual property related affairs, with its predecessor established in 1985, is one of the first intellectual property agencies approved by the Chinese government.


       Lecome has professional agents and state-of-the-atr office equipment in order to meet the individual needs of different clients with great flexibility. Adhering to the goal of maximizing the interests of our clients, Lecome has been providing intellectual property related services to over one thousand corperations research institutes and individuals for more than 20 years. Cooperation with some clients has lasted for over a decade.


       The patent affairs that Lecome focuses on include prosecuting Chinese and foreign patent rights for our clients at home and abroad and offering services with regard to patent protection. The fields we specialize in are: electronic engineering, communications, image processing, semiconductor and the manufacturing thereof, computer, software and information networks, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing, bio-technology, pharmacy, medical instruments, chemistry, chemical engineering, e-business, etc.


       Lecome is dedicated to basic services, providing precise tgrademark search as well as effective monitoring services that enable thos aged brands to get rid of the mess in the market.


       Lecome is also proud of our team of senior lawyers for IP lawsuits. With their rich experience, your precious inventions well no longer be lost in the wilderness.