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National plan for “application models of IPR information sharing” implemented


  On July 30, 2018, the launching and implementation conference for the key project for “application models of IPR information sharing and operational services” led by China Patent Technology Development Co., Ltd. as a part of the national key plan for “R&D application models of common technology in the modern service sector” was held in Beijing. Over 50 people attended the meeting, including officials from State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), experts in charge of the project, members of expert group on project consultancy, research faculty for the project and staff of key project management from the High-tech R&D Center of Ministry of Science and Technology (MST).

  Under the project, various technologies, including automatic IPR data collection, intelligent indexing, and opening and sharing of IPR public information resources, deep processing of IPR data, intelligent retrieval, comparative analysis, intelligent combination analysis, automatic valuation, tacit knowledge mining, knowledge push among others, will be studied; the models and mechanisms of IPR opening-up and protection in an open and innovative environment will be studied, the platform for sharing of IPR information resources will be built and improved, the basic IPR services will be provided for enterprises; the Internet-based IPR operational services will be studied to work out the procedures for such services and the platform for IPR operational services will be studied to launch models of IPR operation in science and technology parks, industries and regions; the norms and technologies for evaluating the quality of IPR services will be studied and a set of service systems for quality improvement and process control will be established. The implementation of the project will promote the use of IPR information and the transformation and upgrading of IPR operations in China, thus providing new technical support for the construction of an IPR-empowered and innovative country.

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