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Adidas Won the Trademark Infringement Case in Shanghai


  Shanghai No 2 Intermediate People's Court issued verdicts for two IP infringement cases at one time.

  In the case of Adidas vs. Zhonglian and Bailuchi, the latter was charged 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan compensation respectively, and were required to stop infringements and publish declarations approved by the court in future editions of the Xinmin Evening Paper.

  Adidas registered the "three bars" trademark for its sneakers with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on March 17, 2000. After realizing two companies called Bailuchi and Zhonglian had infringed its trademark rights, Adidas went to Shanghai No 2 Intermediate Court, and asked for compensation and an apology.

  After a hearing, Shanghai No 2 Intermediate Court sided with Adidas. The other companies that were sued had used three bars similar to those used in the Adidas trademark for their sneakers, the court ruled.

  In another case of trademark infringement, the court ruled that Zhu Jingjing sold counterfeit Gucci, Dior and other famous brand goods on, China's most popular online commerce site. Zhu was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 5,000 yuan.,

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