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WIPO approves amendments to Lisbon Agreement


  The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is due to hold an official signing ceremony today (May 21) marking the adoption of amendments to a treaty protecting appellations of origin.

  Amendments to the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration were approved yesterday (May 20) during WIPO’s Diplomatic Conference held at its headquarters in Geneva.

  The changes allow trademark owners in the 28 countries party to the agreement to apply for an international registration for geographical indications (GIs) on products in addition to appellations of origin.

  GIs are used to identify the origin of a product and are meant to provide protection for goods that have established a reputation based on their origin.

  Examples include Roquefort Cheese or Georgian Wine, which are produced in the French town of Roquefort and Georgia respectively.

  Appellations of origin, which the agreement already offers, are similar to GIs but require more stringent criteria in order to be registered, including that all the materials used in a product are sourced from the relevant region.

  The Lisbon Agreement was first adopted in 1958. Participating nations include the US and France.

  In order for the changes to come in to effect, five of the participating nations have to ratify the amendment.

  Once five nations sign up, the amendments will take effect three months after the fifth country confirms its adoption.

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