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The 6th PIAC Launches on Sep.15th


  PIAC2015 takes place in Beijing on September 15th to 16th, 2015. This year's PIAC brings together senior leaders and professionals around the world with 2 days of high-level discussion of the latest IP issues and unparalleled networking opportunities. The PIAC is the sheer opportunity for audiences to learn and exchange ideas with other IP elites beyond the border.

  The conference is hosted by the Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH). Shen Changyu, the Commissioner of SIPO, attended the conference and delivered an opening speech.The theme for PIAC this year is “New Forms of Patent Operation Supporting New Normal”. The conference brought together IP authorities from various enterprises, agencies, universities and so on. It also attracted more than 2000 participants from over 500 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises. The breakout sessions covered a wide range of topics, such as corporate practice of IP management, patent issues faced with Chinese corporation going global, patent operation and patent right protection etc.. Besides breakout sessions, there are other forms of activities like the round table as well as workshop.

  As an annual international event in patent industry, PIAC is designed to provide an international platform for the exchange of patent information, promote patent information dissemination and effective utilization, and improve the capabilities of patent creation and application so as to strongly support economic restructuring and innovation.

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