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First Batch of National-Level IPR Protection Standardized Markets Confirmed

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  Recently, the SIPO issued the Notice on Confirming the First Batch of National-Level IPR Protection Standardized Markets(hereinafter referred to as the Notice)and confirmed that 30 markets including Beijing Easyhome were listed as the first national-level IPR protection standardized markets. Such an honor will cover three years starting from December, 2016 to December, 2019.

  According to the Notice, related intellectual property Offices in different provinces, districts and cities should: 1)pay attention to collecting and popularizing exemplary experience; 2)report and disseminate the construction, experience and effects of the IPR protection standardization markets to further spread the influence of cultivation work and play a leading role in the local places and industry; 3)realize the institutionalization and normalization of the long-term IPR protection management system to promote the establishment of a long-term IPR protection mechanism in circulation areas through guiding the related markets to continuously organize the IPR protection standardization management work.

  It was reported that SIPO launched the IPR protection standardized markets cultivation work nationwide in March, 2014. SIPO confirmed 65 professional markets as the first batch of national-level IPR protection standardized markets cultivation subjects in June, 2014. After the cultivation period ended, SIPO organized the first batch of IPR protection standardized markets confirmation work. Based on voluntary applications, elementary recommendation by the intellectual property offices, reviews by experts as well as results by third party organizations that conducted the satisfaction survey on the standardized markets protection, SIPO confirmed the first 30 national-level IPR protection standardized markets and published for public review.

  Responsible officials from SIPO expressed that in recent years, departments nationwide fully aroused the market sponsors’ enthusiasm to mobilize markets, gave priority to the IPR protection standardization work, and allocated related staff and management funds to strengthen the promotion and training. Additionally, they have raised the awareness of integrity and self-discipline, gradually purified the overall operating environment and increased consumers’ satisfaction, which enabled the IPR protection work of the markets to achieve the preliminary results.

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