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SAIC Thoroughly Implements Trademark & Brand Strategy

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  Recently, State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China (SAIC) published Opinions on Deeply Implementing Trademark & Brand Strategy and Promoting Chinese Brands Building (hereinafter referred to as Opinions), developing the trademark strategy into the trademark and brand strategy.

  According to Cui Shoudong, Vice President of Trademark Office under SAIC, the amount of yearly trademark applications retains the title of champion of the world for 15 years, while the totally applications reached to 22.931 million by the end of March. And 15.145 million trademark registrations in total and valid registered trademarks of 12.937 million make China one of the most important countries in trademark field.

  Still, the amount of influential trademarks of China was not in proportion to the total number, and the large number of trademarks are not managed to function as leader in China's economic development. To solve the problem, the Opinions targets that China would actively participating in the making of international rules about trademark and carrying out multilateral/ bilateral exchanges and cooperation, to built a more favorable international business environment for China brands to go out.

  According to the Opinions, China will strengthen the construction of trademark and brand cooperation system, commend China Trademark Golden Awards with WIPO, deepen cooperation and communication with foreign trademark departments and actively perform in TM5 to extend the scope in cooperation with foreign trademark departments, explore to establish co-enforce mechanism with countries and areas along the Belt and Road to support Chinese enterprises in trademarks rights, promote the communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign industry associations and trademark agencies, to increase the support to Chinese enterprises.

  Cui expressed the determination of SAIC to provide further protection for Chinese enterprises going out, to promote Chinese brands' international influence, and to support the publicity of Chinese enterprises' trademarks and brands. By the end of 2016, the valid international registrations originated from China reached 22,270. Cui believed that the data showed more and more Chinese brands were going out successfully, and more influential Chinese brands would perform well in the global market owing to the Opinions.

  Since the National IP Strategy Outline implemented in 2008, China has made great achievements in trademark development and realized the periodical target for trademark strategy. Dozens of Chinese enterprises rank among top 500 global valuable brands, some even among top 100. According to Cui, SAIC will thoroughly implement Trademark and Brand Strategy, making "Chinese manufactured" to be "Chinese brand", and promoting China to be a brand-powerful country.

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