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Tencent Wins the "287 Cases" Against Jinritoutiao

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  Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. filed a litigation to the court against the operator of Jinritoutiao (Chinese meaning: Today’s Headlines) – Beijing Zijietiaodong Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing Zijietiaodong) claiming that the latter released hundreds of articles on its website which infringed the former’s network transmission right of works information. Haidian People’s Court ruled the “287 cases” involving 287 articles, that Beijing Zijietiaodong’s behavior constituted infringement and should compensate RMB 810 yuan to 1,980 yuan per case for Tencent’s economic loss and reasonable expense. The involved articles feature on the originality of the authors, so the court rejected the defense of Beijing Zijietiaodong that some of the involved articles did not constitute works.

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