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The ten major copyright-related events in China in 2017

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  1. The favorable copyright policies in a new era are continuously released.

  2. The copyright law enforcement inspection is carried out by NPC Standing Committee.

  3. The order of online music copyright promoted by National Copyright Administration continuously turns better.

  4. China’s core copyright industry achieves fast development.

  5. The “Jianwang Action” highlights the outstanding role of online copyright protection.

  In 2017, four agencies including National Copyright Administration, Cyberspace Administration of China, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly carried out the “Jianwang 2017”Actions for 13 times to crack down on online IPR infringement and piracy.

  6. 11 local IPR tribunals are established across the nation.

  7. China Press and Media Copyright Protection Alliance is set up.

  8. The copyrighted software is used to promote the industrial development of software industry.

  9. Judicial trial plays a more important role in copyright protection.

  10. AI-based composition brings about new problems about copyright.

  With the fast and foreseeable growth of AI-based creative works, hot discussion about the copyright ability and copyright ownership of such works is triggered and becomes the hot spot topic in the copyright theoretical community in 2017.

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