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Strengthened IPR judicial protection helps promote international influence

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  Over the past five years, fruitful results have been achieved in the innovation-driven development. China has made substantial progress in strengthening IPR protection and utilization. The judicial protection of IPR is playing a key role in promoting the public entrepreneurship and mass innovation and maintaining a fair-competition market.

  Promote top-level design

  To take into account the innovation-driven strategy and look forward the future of IPR judicial protection, China’s IPR adjudication work till focus on promotion of top-level design by formulating a series of targets.

  Song Xiaoming, Member of Adjudicatory Committee and Head of IPR Tribunal under the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) said, in 2015, the SPC held the workshop on IPR adjudication among the courts nationwide to specially propose the basic policy of IPR judicial protection featuring judicial domination, strict protection, classified policy implementation and scaled coordination. On April 24, 2017, the SPC released the Outline of China on IPR Judicial Protection (2016 -2020). Recently, the General Office of CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council released the Opinions on Issues about Strengthening Reform and Innovation in the IPR Adjudication to direct the work on IPR judicial protection.

  Strengthen judicial protection

  Lin Guanghai, Deputy Head of IPR Tribunal under the SPC indicated that in the face of the worldwide difficult issue about damage compensation, the SPC maintains the concept that IPR can create values and right holders should enjoy the financial return. The social organizations and intermediate agencies should play their role in the evaluation of IPR values and offering reliable, authoritative and credible evidence for the identification of amount of damages so as to match the with the due value of IPR in the market. Measures should be taken to increase the punishment for malicious IPR infringement, and reduce the cost for IPR protection and support right holders in claiming reasonable expenditure for its IPR protection.

  Strengthen research for the solution of new issues

  Under the new situation featuring continuous update of technology and business models, IPR protection also faces new problems. As Song said, the SPC makes more efforts on judicial study and research of different programs, such as setting up the Research Center of SPC on IPR Judicial Protection and establishing Beijing Base of SPC on IPR Case Study at Beijing IPR Court. In addition, the SPC set up the theoretical base in six universities including Beijing University and 10 study bases in 10 intermediate courts including Suzhou.

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