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The 19th Ceremony for Award for Chinese Outstanding Patents Held in Beijing

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  On December 13, 2017, the 19th Ceremony for Award for Chinese Patented Invention & Industrial Design, jointly hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C (SIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was held in Beijing. Total 25 gold awards were granted, including 20 for Chinese patented inventions and 5 for Chinese industrial designs. 870 honorable mentions were granted, with 802 for Chinese patented invention, 68 for Chinese industrial design. According to incomplete statistics, relevant products or engineering projects of the 25 gold award patents have generated great profits from the date patent implementation to the end of 2016, with new sales of 93.9 billion yuan, newly increased profits of 9.6 billion yuan and newly export sales of 24.4 billion yuan.

  Shen Changyu, the Commissioner of SIPO and Wang Binying, Deputy Director-General of WIPO attended the ceremony and made speeches. Shen said that WIPO, national ministries and commissions, local intellectual property offices, industry associations and academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering have recommended1,554 outstanding patent programs for the selection work, which greatly showed the innovative vitality and level of the whole society.

  According to Shen, the following three aspects should be strengthened in terms of intellectual property:

  First, strengthen the creation of intellectual property to promote the output of high-valued patents;

  Second, intensify the utilization of intellectual property to foster the realization of patent value;

  Third, reinforce the protection of intellectual property to arouse the whole society’s enthusiasm on innovation.

  It is understood that the selection activity of Chinese patent awards, launched since 1989, has accumulatively appraised and elected near 5,000 patent programs which were with good innovative quality, great utilized benefit, strong protective capability and high management level.

  During the ceremony, “China Intellectual Property Summit Forum and Chinese Outstanding Patent Exhibition” was held, with the theme of “Innovation-Initiate New Era and Foresee the Future”. Participants conducted a discussion on the innovation approach of enterprises under the economic new normal, the opportunities and challenges faced with innovative enterprises brought by “Internet+”, the construction and improvement of intellectual property and innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, intellectual property protection and enterprise innovation and the development and operation of high-valued intellectual property.

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