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Report on China's IP Development in 2014 Released

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  China's IP development continued to improve in 2014 and its global ranking rose distinctively, according to a report on China's IP development in 2014, released by the IP development research center on June 4th.

  The index for China's IP development, based on the evaluation of IP creation, utilization, protection, as well as the environment of IP development, stands at 63.74 points in 2014, up 0.98 points. According to this annual report, all types of IPRs including patents, trademarks, copyrights etc., have risen dramatically in filings, registrations, and approvals, the creation structure has been constantly improved. IPRs licensing and pledge loans,including patents and trademarks, have further increased. Judicial and other relevant authorities have handled more IP cases and patent law enforcement cases. The IP systems have been further improved and IP organs and employees have increased year by year. Also, IP awareness among the public has been improved distinctly.

  The report set up the international IP index for the first time. Data shows that IP development performance in China ranked 9th in 2013 from 19th in 2008 among 40 countries. In 2013, China's IP international index reached 53.03, up 0.3 points than the previous year. However, China still lags behind developed countries such as the United States and Japan on the whole, the IP construction environment, marketing and cultural environment need to be improved.

  According to a representative from the IP research center mentioned above, this annual report was designed to set up a scientific and objective evaluation system and to demonstrate the overall development for IP, including patent, trademark and copyright. The report was aimed to provide policy guidelines for carrying out national IP strategies. The first report was released in 2013.

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