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China's Efforts on International Standard Copyright Protection Acknowledged

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  Under the invitation of International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Standardization Administration of China (SAC) attended the Regional Copyright Policy Seminar lately held by ISO in Singapore. China's efforts and determination to fight against international standard copyright infringement were highly appreciated. According to a representative from ISO, China's experiences should be introduced to the world.

  As the permanent council member of ISO and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), SAC is designed to protect copyright of international standard and relative publications in China. In 2012, national standard copyright protection group under SAC was established and policies on striking against standard copyright infringement and strengthening copyright protection were formulated. Under the guideline of the group, a publishing-agency alliance for self-discipline and rights safeguarding was established. The task of fighting against standard copyright infringement was introduced into the Points on cracking down on IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods formulated by the State Council, for the 3rd consecutive year. Meanwhile, SAC strengthened cooperation with public security departments and establish the joint-work mechanism on cracking down standard copyright infringement. Since then, several cases with great social influence were cleared and some of them were on the list of ten major cases during the 2013 swordnet campaign against internet copyright piracy.

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