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China Launches Intellectual Property Operations Funds

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  At the turning of the new year, Beijing Key Industry IP Operations Fund and Sichuan IP Operations Fund, jointly funded by Chinese central and local governments for first time which were established separately with 1 billion yuan and 700 million yuan. Experts said that intellectual property operations fund is new wave of emerging knowledge-based economy, which is like financial "wings" for intellectual property, will bring new development of intellectual property.

  Beijing Key Industry IP Operations Fund with 1 billion yuan planned is the largest IP operations fund in domestic. According to an official from Beijing Intellectual Property Office, this fund was set up with limited partnership, with the duration of 10 years and planed size of 1 billion yuan. Currently, the first 400 million yuan has been subscribed, of which three fiscal system of central government, Beijing Municipal Government and Zhongguancun Park Administrative Committee invested 95 million yuan as guidance funds, which will guide 305 million yuan invested by key industrial enterprises, intellectual property services and investment institutions.

  Sichuan Intellectual Property Operations Fund, with the total size of 700 million yuan, was set up in the form of "1 + 3 + N" mode, namely, 100 million yuan invested by Sichuan Province government, 70 million yuan was jointly invested by government of Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang. Under this mode, the fund was also invested by other IP advanced companies and intellectual property services companies, banks and investment institutions in Sichuan province. Now initial 280 million yuan has been account.

  Two funds will focus on the intellectual property of existing core technologies and patents of cutting-edge technology with industry prospects for nearly coming time. Among them, the first phase of investment by Beijing Key Industry IP Operations Fund will focus on mobile Internet and bio-pharmaceutical industries, mainly start-ups or growing enterprises which have core patents and patent portfolio of high value, good market prospects and high growth, or intellectual property operation institutions with the appropriate characteristics of industries; Sichuan IP operations Fund will invest in IP operation enterprises with strong IPR and cultivation and operations of high-value patent portfolio, major foreign IPR disputes and defensive acquisitions, international standards making involving patent, industrial patents navigation, industry intellectual property alliance construction, industrial core technology patent transformation and industrialization, etc.

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