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SIPO Revises Its Operational Guidelines for Patent Administrative Law Enforcement

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  It was reported on SIPO website that in order to fully implement the guiding principles of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for promoting law-based administration in an all-round way and strictly protect the intellectual property rights, standardize the patent administrative law enforcement work procedures, enhance the law enforcement capability and create a fair and regulative environment for innovation and pioneering work, SIPO has revised and issued the Operational Guidelines for Patent Administrative Law Enforcement (hereinafter referred to as Guidelines) in accordance with relevant law and regulations.

  The revised Guidelines includes its main body and tables for law enforcement. Compared with its previous version, it has been modified as follows: 1)adding the Chapter "patent infringement disputes processing in exposition and e-commerce"; 2)rewriting the Chapter "law enforcement management" on the basis of sorting out the present law enforcement management system; 3)adding the "patent administrative law enforcement table" , which was solely printed and issued as its attachment, and corresponding with relative descriptions in the main body; 4)improving the first four chapters including patent infringement and other disputes processing, and patent counterfeiting identification, ensuring the content would conform to the spirits of relevant law and regulations, and keep up to the changing situation. The Guidelines refines the requirements for patent administrative law enforcement based on law practice experience in the system, making the easy and fast administrative enforcement prominent.

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