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Energy Patents Get Better Connected with New Center


  The development of China's patents in clean energy technology and carbon financial markets will be better connected with the recent establishment of the Clean Energy Intellectual Property Commercialization Center in Dalian, Liaoning province, industry insiders said.

  "We hope to build a complete operating system to promote the research and development as well as international technical cooperation of clean energy," said Feng Aisheng, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.

  The center, unveiled last week, was jointly founded by the institute and CAS Holdings Co Ltd. According to the agreement, they will set up a joint leading group and offices in Beijing and Dalian.

  "In the past, patents were fragmented and we did not pay much attention to their commercialization. Many good patents were not commercialized timely," said Feng, adding that the center will help integrate patent resources inside the CAS and form a chain of patents in the clean energy field.

  "With a market-oriented approach, efficiency in research, development and commercialization will be greatly improved," he said.

  Li Zhonghua, vice-president of CAS Innovation and Investment Co Ltd, said the center will identify technology demand from the industry and provide technical solutions accordingly.

  At the same time, the center will screen CAS' existing technical standards related to clean energy, cooperate with government institutions and carbon trading markets, facilitate agencies to construct a standard system for clean energy technology and carbon financial markets, and take part in the development of carbon quotas and the construction of a standard system for carbon measurement and auditing.

  "We will provide support for the independent and sustainable development of China's carbon market. The center will provide basic technical support for the market," Li said.

  With the Chinese government officially signing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2016 and a national carbon trading market being set up in 2017, there will be great opportunities for the research, development, application and promotion of clean energy technology, Li said.

  "Patents will play a fundamental role in international cooperation and competition in the carbon market," he said.

  The center will launch pilot work to explore new patent commercialization modes in the field of clean energy technology, Feng said.

  "When a successful and sustainable business model is developed, we will consider social investments and set up a special company for the commercialization of clean energy technology patents," Feng said.

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