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The 10th China Patent Week Launches


  The 10th China Patent Week, with the theme of improving IPR operation and enhancing the new road for IPR thriving company launched in Beijing on November 21. During the event, a series of activities around IPR operation would be carried out across the nation.

  This year's event was continued to launch at No major event and opening ceremony was held. During the event, the IP administrative organs across the nation would popularize IP measures through a series of activities including exhibition, releasing information, project show, investment and experiences exchanging. "We hope such activities would improve the connection between the resources of IP operation with companies, and make sure the event with substantial content and simply organized," according to a principal of Patent Management Department of SIPO.

  From November 21, the netizens could log on the to gain the latest information of the event. Moreover, the columns of road for IP thriving company, IP operation and cultivation, patent navigation and patent pool could also offer the netizens with the latest development of IPR works. China Enterprise Intellectual Property would popularize frontier information on activities taken place during the week to mobile users via Wechat. The users could also pass the message board to submit their demand on the Sina Weibo of China Intellectual Property News.

  In a bid to earnestly implement Innovation-driven Development Strategy, National IP Strategy, and Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of an IP Powerhouse under the New Circumstances, local IP offices carried out a series of activities around cultivation of IP operation system, implementation of patent navigation project, construction of industrial IP pool, popularization of IP management and help enterprises going out via IPR.

  The first China Patent Week was launched in 2007. In recent years, the event has become a comprehensive platform which integrates the function of collecting patent resources and improving patent utilization and cultivating patent culture.

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