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SIPO Successfully Finished 2016 Patent Analysis and Early Warning Project


  Recently, the Patent Analysis and Early Warning Project Steering Group Office(Intellectual Property Development and Research Center, SIPO)held the results briefing conference in Beijing. At the conference, 10 topics from 6 projects including nuclear electricity, intelligent automobiles, 5G communications, operating systems, service robots and storages were briefed in three special sections. He Hua, He Zhimin and Zhang Maoyu, deputy commissioners of the State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO),attended the conference. Related members from the Steering Group, departmental directors and technological experts listened to the briefings and shared their opinions.

  He Hua pointed out that the patent analysis and early warning work should, on the one hand, pay attention to current early warning and prevention of patent risks facing the industries, and on the other hand, bring into play the leading and guiding role of patent in technological and industrial developments through envisaging future growing trends based on the current patent analysis. He stressed that all of the topic groups should further strengthen the application of topic research results, and together resolve patent problems and risks curbing the industrial developments to enhance the enterprises’ driving forces for developments and market competitiveness with the coordination among governments, enterprises and research institutes.

  He Zhimin pointed out that topic research should aim to resolve the industrial problems through promoting industrial developments and continuously tracking significant technological and industrial tendencies with patent analysis. He also stressed the importance of strengthening the application of patent analysis research results. The patent analysis work was practically expected to help resolving the risks and problems facing the industrial developments and providing more targeted references and guides for the policy-makings by the governments, related departments as well as the R&D and patent portfolio by enterprises.

  Zhang expressed that the patent and early warning work should provide support and help for industrial developments through the following aspects: firstly, promoting the application of the topic research results; secondly, strengthening deep analysis towards significant patents to highlight the guiding role of patent values; thirdly, valuing the research on patent trends and innovative situation to provide more valuable patent protection better meeting social expectations and help enterprises improve their patent utilization capability.

  Responsible officers of the topic groups introduced the topic organization progress and related results to officials and experts at the conference. They also reported research backgrounds, patent competition situation, patent technological developmental paths, patent standards and alliances’ construction, integration of patent and industrial ecology, patent risks and corresponding measures as well as innovative research methods.

  Officials and experts at the conference all fully recognized the research results by the patent analysis and early warning project. They held that the research work made clear of the patent competition situation of cutting-edge technological areas and provided significant references for related industrial developments through closely surrounding key problems and urgent needs facing industrial developments. Experts all hoped that the topic groups could continuously track the related projects and timely promoted research results to fully play their application role and better serve related industrial developments.

  It was reported that in 2008, SIPO formally launched significant technological patent analysis and early warning work in key areas to fully fulfill SIPO’s strategic role in using patent information services to support national economic developments and scientific progress. For the past nine years, the Intellectual Property Development and Research Center had implemented approximately 100 patent analysis and early warning projects and achieved rich research results in key areas and technologies, strategic emerging industries, national special and local significant economic activities which brought about remarkable application values and social benefits.

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