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“Longteng” Action kicked off to escort the leading IP enterprises in “going global”


  Starting from September 1, the customs across the country would roll out the 3-month special campaign for the IPR protection of leading export enterprises with IP advantages, codenamed as “Longteng” Action.

  In this action, the customs nationwide will focus on the products exported to Africa, Middle East and Latin America as well as the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, including electronics, engineering machinery, daily necessities, holiday products and other conventional competitive products. It aims to carry out special law enforcement and provide assistance to enterprises in protecting their rights.

  It is learned that the customs in Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pan-Pearl River Delta will fully leverage their regional cooperation to establish the mechanisms of fast response and joint case handling. By virtue of mutual assistance with overseas customs in administrative law enforcement, General Administration of Customs (GAC) will support those key enterprises to protect their own rights abroad in terms of information support, evidence collection and case verification, etc.

  A staff from Department of Politics and Laws under GAC said that, the “Longteng” Action is both a key part of GAC’s efforts to support the cultivation of leading export enterprises with IP advantages and a specific initiative of GAC to officially carry out the IP cultivation work this year. To this end, the customs nationwide will concentrate their work of law enforcement to combat illegal export and import enterprises engaged in IP infringement and create a fair and orderly competition environment for Chinese enterprises in “going global”.

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