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SPP: Online IPR-infringing crimes will be firmly punished


  On October 16, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) held a press conference. Wang Songmiao, press spokesperson indicated that next, the procuratorates nationwide will enhance the study on key and difficult issues in the field of Internet governance and intensify the punishment on cybercrimes according to the laws so as to defend the national and individual information security and promote the law-based and regular Internet governance.

  - Study in-depth the new characteristics of cybercrimes;

  - Study and formulate evidence guidance system, improve case guidance and effectiveness of law application;

  - Engage in social efforts on Internet governance and improve the governance capability and level to prevent and keep under control the cybercrimes; and

  - Enhance international legal assistance and establish the information sharing and training mechanism to improve the international governance on cybercrimes.

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