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Work Plan on “Internet+” IPR Protection released for implementation


  In order to implement Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, earnestly carry out the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening IPR protection, echo the public need with a focus on prominent issues, guide and advance the law enforcement and fully utilize the "Internet+" to strengthen the IPR protection, create new ways to supervise IPRs and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of rights holders at home and abroad, the State Intellectual Property Office released the Work Plan on "Internet +" IPR Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

  The Plan takes Internet+ as an important method in deepening the reform of IPR protection to innovate the mechanism of law enforcement guidance and management, and gives full play to the role of big data, artificial intelligence and other information technologies in online identification, real-time monitoring and source tracking of IPR infringement and counterfeiting. It is expected to minimize the impact of illegal acts on the normal production and operation of enterprises, improve the efficiency, intensity and precision of the fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting, and promote strict, large-scale, rapid and joint IPR protection and enhance the governance capabilities in the IPR field.

  The plan has five parts:

  First, general requirements, including guiding ideas, basic principles and work objectives.

  Second, main tasks, including the construction of technical support system such as basic database, intelligent detection systems for IPR infringement and counterfeiting clues, and the establishment of such core operating mechanisms as the initiation and notification of detection about IPR infringement and counterfeiting clues, the connection of intelligent detection and manual judgment, and the analysis and processing of foreign-related IPR infringement and counterfeiting information as well as the pilot work in the local areas, units, key areas and links.

  Third, work operation system, including the responsibility division among relevant departments and units of the national bureau, local bureaus and other agencies, rights protection assistance centers, protection centers and fast maintenance centers, consulting experts, volunteers, and other parties.

  Fourth, work progress. All work is to be completed in two years and divided into three stages: research and preparation, development and pilot, summary and promotion.

  Fifth, work guarantee, including strengthening organizational leadership, ensuring effective investment, strengthening supervision and evaluation, tightening information security, improving system regulation, and strengthening publicity and training.

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