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Indian IP Boss: Share Experience and Deepen IP Cooperation


  "I would like to thank the State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO) to host us here in such a nice place," said Om Prakash Gupta, Head of the Office of the Controller-General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks of India, who came to China to participate the 10th Meeting of BRICS Heads of Intellectual Property Offices in Chengdu."In this meeting itself, we have taken a review of how the BRICS IP cooperation has moved during all the six years. And I'm happy to see after the review, we have all agreed that BRICS IP cooperation is moving very smoothly, very nicely and certainly beneficial to not only the BRICS offices, but all the patent applicants in BRICS countries," added Om Prakash Gupta.

  "We have agreed that we must take further steps to beef up cooperation and keep stable link by way of information dissemination and data exchange, data sharing and such other practices which will be helpful and beneficial to our patent applicants." In Om Prakash Gupta's opinion, BRICS IP offices come from different continents and have very old, cultural and historic background, so the future of BRICS IP cooperation is to try to do capacity building amongst the BRICS IP offices.

  "All the countries who are part of the BRICS have real, unique benefits within their own countries and provide real and nice experience sharing and different possibilities for IP cooperation," Om Prakash Gupta said, it is of capital importance for the future IP cooperation to do capacity building, sharing of information, so as to provide better facilities and services to patent applicants. "We need to try to dig forward the potential of BRICS cooperation, because it represents a very large amount of population, very large amount of IP activity. These five countries are really economically developing very fast and therefore they have a very common shared interest which can be furthered by good continued cooperation."

  "I'm so happy to be here and we're really impressed with the SIPO's arrangement and SIPO's overall functioning. We just had a chance to visit Patent Examination Cooperation Sichuan Center of the Patent Office, SIPO, and it is really very good, very well managed. SIPO's progress in IP is truly impressive," said Om Prakash Gupta, "SIPO during the presidency has been able to initiate and take steps which are really helpful to take the BRICS IP cooperation further and further. And I personally thank SIPO's efforts during this year."

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