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UK seeks to cement copyright relations with China


  The UK government is seeking to build stronger ties with China to help protect copyright in both jurisdictions.

  A UK delegation will head to China for an event called Copyright Week, a series of workshops held between August 31 and September 4 to discuss some of the most pressing copyright issues in both countries.

  Officials will meet the National Copyright Administration of China, a Chinese government agency, at events held in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

  According to the UK Intellectual Property Office, China is a “key trading partner for the UK and a market of enormous potential for the creative industries”.

  Businesses and interested parties are welcome to attend the events and will be able to communicate their concerns about copyright protection with officials from both the UK and China.

  Baroness Neville-Rolfe, UK IP minister, said: “Our world class film, music and games industries enjoy huge success in China. This week of activity will allow UK businesses to meet Chinese officials, to advance reforms and renew the momentum for the strengthening of Chinese copyright law.”

  Richard Mollet, chief executive of UK-based The Publishers Association, said he supported Copyright Week. He said: “UK-China Copyright week is an excellent opportunity to reinforce our mutual understanding of the importance of intellectual property while also strengthening economic and cultural relations between the UK and China.

  “Copyright underpins success in publishing and all other creative industries,” he added.

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