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Patent Boosting Chinese Mobile Enterprises Exploring Overseas Markets


  HTC, a then mobile phone manufacturer giant, once creating sales miracles and sold more mobile phones than Apple and Samsung, is now experiencing continuous sales-recessions. According to an inside watcher, the main reason is HTC's inexpedient patent layout strategy and Chinese companies should focus on active patent layout strategy to avoid similar mistakes.

  Right now, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have attached great importance to intellectual property utilization and protection, however, they still lag behind in patent layout. According to a researcher from CIPRUN Group, a preeminent cloud service platform in China, Apple Company has filed 30,827 patents applications in Europe Patent Office (EPO) and filed 2,801 patents applications in China, these technologies mainly cover graphite thermal conductivity,solar cell integration module, slide unlock module, laser keyboard etc. Huawei, a leading communication equipment manufacturer in China, has filed 95,222 patents applications in EPO and filed 45,971 patents applications in China, the technologies mainly include LCD touch-sensitive screen, chipsets, camera, lithium battery and touch sensor etc.

  Then how Chinese companies strengthen patent layout? "Firstly, they should focus on basic technology R&D and patent layout. Secondly, investigating and making survey on international market, then making comprehensive intellectual property strategy." Zeng Jianqiu, professor at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, suggested.

  According to Zeng, it is worth noting that some Chinese companies are leading the patent filings globally, but still lag behind in overseas patent layout, sales strategy making and the ability to deal with litigation risks. For Chinese companies determining to explore overseas markets, they should make thorough study about international markets, analyze competitor's patent layout, and then make their own patent layout strategy. "I’m convinced that by doing these mentioned above, Chinese mobile companies will have brighter future." Says Zeng.

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