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Jingdezhen (Ceramic) IPR Rapid Aid Center Established


  SIPO recently approved the proposal to establish Jingdezhen (Ceramic) Intellectual Property Right Rapid Aid Center, which is the 8th rapid aid center approved in China. The establishment will fundamentally transfer the IPR protection mode in ceramic industry in Jingdezhen, and promote the development of IPR protection of Jiangxi province.

  Up to now, there are eight aid centers in China including Zhongshan (decorative lighting), Nantong (home textiles), Chaoyang of Beijing (design service), which are established as industrial cluster due to their special features and innovative capabilities, and IP disputes and strong appeals for IPR protection. Experts point out that practice indicates that IP rapid aid work becomes a new effective way to support innovation and drive development. It makes full play of advantages of SIPO and local IP offices to rapidly identify and protect IPR rights and effectively combine administrative and judicial protections, which satisfies the real needs of enterprises. It also motivates local enterprises in IP innovation and attracts the external innovative resources and personnel.

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